Frustrated with Expression Map

Hey all,
I am trying to write an expression map for Cinematic Studio Strings and I have no idea how to trigger both Con Sordino and Sustain/Legato.
I can easily switch between legato and Non-Legato, but as soon as I add Con sordino Dorico no longer switch between legato and Sustain articulation…any ideas?

I don’t have that library, but you probably want to add con sord as an add-on rather than a base switch.

Thanks but I tried that… The result is the same.

I think in this case, the same would apply to the legato switch, too?

I think I tried it… and nothing plays in that case…it needs one base switch I think.

In general, base switches change the sample used, add-ons modify the underlying sample. So base switches are mutually exclusive.
(Others are more expert than I am. Hopefully someone who has this library will be better able to help)

Thanks yeah I figured that much…maybe someone can help me with dorico can trigger both legato and con sord together …

This is a tricky one…If you are triggering articulations via CC58 then you can’t use the default CC values of 86-90 for Con Sord ON and 91-95 for Con Sord OFF…Simply because you can’t trigger two CC values using the same CC (in this case the default 58) at the same time. I asked Alex a while back to implement switching Con Sord on and off using a separate CC number, but that has not happened yet. If you click on a tile in the UI and hold shift down, you will get a list of key switches and Con Cord on and off is mapped to B0.
You can try using a combination of this key-switch with your other key switches and/or CC values but I remember having issues with this as well. The solution that I use is to have separate Playing Techniques for all the articulations with Sordino - use different names for each one - Hide the playing technique in the score and simply write in Con Sordino or Non sordino using text. I could not get the Sordino to be added simply by adding the PT: Con Sordino.
The library is more suited to DAW’s and is tricky to use with score writing software, but you can do it if you create individual PT’s for each articulation combination and then hide them in the score. As I said above, any specific directions can be written in using text, which of course doesn’t affect playback. Or you can use the PT ‘Con Sordino’ and suppress it.

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Thanks I think I get what you are saying.
The CC value stays until there is a change that is why it is impossible to trigger two CC at the same time.

I use this library in logic and I love it but it seems I have to buy
Spitfire solo strings
And creat an expression map.

Also found this really great video that might help

I found this on Dorico Forum and it works like a charm…still experimenting but wow this guy is genius.

with the recent CSS update, the marcato has a somewhat different character to previously and the version without spiccato overlay (CC58,66) can sometimes now work quite well with the tenuto marking (I have called it detache previously but this is not always appropriate) and added that to the maps. Worth experimenting anyway.

I’ve spend time revising a number of symphonies using the CS orchestra and I must say that in general, it’s my favourite overall. One thing to watch out for is repeated notes with the new strings can on occasion sound an octave higher – this is an acknowledged bug which is not Dorico-specific and should be sorted in due course. Slightly shortening the note fixes it.

Great that David’s excellent maps are working for you - I’d forgotten they were available here!