Frustrated with Keyboard Controllers - Venting

I just got an Arturia Keylab 88 MK2 second hand two days ago and I’m super frustrated! There’s really no setup instructions on Arturia’s part but I was able to get it going by Googling. However, the tracks won’t bank in DAW mode. I’ve posted to the Arturia forums and I will contact their customer service so I’m not looking for an answer about that here.

I just needed to vent and ask if there’s a keyboard controller that “just works.” I’m probably looking for a unicorn here bc I need a good keybed but also wanted knobs and faders for vsts and mixing.

Also, are there good resources to learn how to make a controller map? I’ve been watching some videos which makes things a bit more clear but then when I look at the Arturia MIDI Control Center, I just don’t get it :confused:

I’ve used Metagrid on the iPad for Cubase and it’s awesome and super easy to use though not the same thing. I also tried the Panorama P1 and felt like the workflow was clunky. Even though it’s supposed to be good with Cubase, it was buggy.

I’m half way thinking of just getting a digital piano to play and compose and then getting a robust (ie plays well with Cubase) controller like the Console 1 system.

When I was a teen, I composed so much with my Yamaha Clav with a 5 pin midi cable and a BR 1600. Now, there’s all this “stuff” and it just gets in the way. Not to mention I only have about 1 hour a day to be creative (toddler parent) and I don’t want to spend it fiddling with stuff trying unsuccessfully to make it work.

Wow! Congratulations, that’s an amazing controller. I’m sorry you are having so much difficulty.

Have you seen these videos?
Just select Cubase as they show, and then everything but maybe the pads will be set up for you.

Set the pads as shown in this video.

The other commonly used keyboards are from NI and Novation.

I wish Steinberg would make a controller.

And then, all of a sudden: