Frustrating behaviour with MIDI Editors when opening drum parts

Just upgraded to 10.0.40 and experiencing a strange behaviour.

I have “Open in Drum Editor when drum map is loaded” selected in Preferences.

If I already have another MIDI Key Editor window open (from a keyboard part for instance) then go to select a drum MIDI part (with associated drum map) for editing, it opens the drum part into the existing Key Editor window rather than a Drum Editor window.

If there is no editor window alreay open, when I open the part for editing it opens into the Drum Editor as expected.

Previously I was using C7.5 extensively, as well as C8.5 and C9. Drum MIDI parts with drum maps attached always opened in a new Drum Editor window, regardless of what other editor windows were open.

Is this behaviour normal in 10.0.40? I find it a little frustrating.
Is there any way to ensure that drum parts with drum maps open into the Drum Editor?


First of all, do you open the MIDI editors in the lower zone or on the the own window, please? How do you open it (click to the other MIDI part or double-click or via Key Command)?

Hi Martin, I’m opening the editors into their own window, by double clicking directly on the MIDI part. I’m not sure if the behaviour is the same when opening the editors by any of the other different methods. I’ll investigate later today when I’m back in the studio.


Is Preferences > Editors > Editor Content Follows Event Selection enabled? Wouldn’t it be better to disable it for your use case?

Thanks Martin, I’ll check that and report back. Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

Yes, that gives me my preferred behaviour. Thanks again!