Frustrations with Cubase

Hello Steinberg…and anyone else who knows…

Every once in a while it seems the way to solve problems in Cubase is “trash the preferences.” (user settings data folder) You have been suggesting this for years, and usually…it makes things work again :smiley:

But the problem with trashing preferences is that the user looses all their key commands, preferences, and many other important things unless the user saves them first in another folder or desktop before trashing. For me, trashing preferences eventually will happen. It’s not a matter of if…it’s a matter of when.

I have 3 pages of listings of where Cubase stores things on my computer. Unfortunately there are certain things that can’t be restored once the preferences are “trashed.” I have learned the hard way…for example if anyone names their midi port set-ups and then trashes the preferences, you have to re-name them. The names for midi port set-ups can NOT be saved, and you have even confirmed this.

So today, I’m wondering if the remote control editors can be saved? Before I right-click on a VST and choose “remote control editor” then spend hours assigning stuff to VSTI’s I want to know if these settings are saved, and where they are saved? The bottom line for me is if this stuff can’t be saved, it makes my controller less valuable and Cubase less professional application.

The same goes for Mackie Control. Under Device set up >Remote Devices>Mackie Control, I have entered a lot of user commands that take a lot of valuable time to re-enter just because I trashed my preferences and now this stuff is gone. I have now written them down so the next time my preferences are trashed, it will be easier…but the easiest way would be if these settings are or could be saved?

In summary, if the remote control editor, and mackie controller can be saved I would be ecstatic! Maybe I just don’t know the location so I can copy and paste the files temporarily to my desktop before trashing preferences. On the other hand, if these things can’t be saved, would it be asking too much for a solution instead of focusing on the next version of Loop Mash, or trying to make Vari-Audio compete with Melodyne? :mrgreen:

A lot of the prefs reside in the Defaults.xml file. So it would be a good practice to back that up. Since you don’t have your system info in a forum signature I don’t know what platform you’re on, but here, on Mac, I use Time Machine. There are hourly and daily etc., backups so if things get bad I can go fish out a previous prefs folder and be back in business.

I agree that Cubase needs a simpler, more ergonomic shall we say, means to organize preferences. It’s really hard to learn, and I have never found it the least bit intuitive.

But when all is said and done it’s backups that will save your aßß.

Thanks for the tip Steve.

defaults.xml is one I have never backed up before trashing. Do you know exactly what stuff is included in defaults.xml? Or what is excluded?

I’m on Windows 7 64bit Cubase 64 bit i7 blah blah. Backing things up is not the problem. Most users these days probably have their own auto-back up systems if they are serious. Knowing what is possible to back up, and identifying it is the question as I mentioned in my initial post.

Specifically if the remote control editors and the settings for Mackie control can be backed up. I couldn’t find any information in the pdf user manual. It’s funny that Steinberg gives all these powerful features where a user can spend hours…even days customizing things, but then when something isn’t quite right, and Steinberg says “trash the preferences” POOF…there went all that work!

Some things are stored with your .cpr file such as your presets. I sure wish there was better documentation from Steinberg on this stuff.

I would guess other users have other things they would like to know whether or not it can be backed up. As I said, I have a 3-page list which is definitely helpful but this list doesn’t mention remote control editors or stuff like Mackie control.

And of course if you back up too much stuff, then trash the preferences, then put your back-ups back in the folders there is a chance you might put the corrupted information right back in Cubase which defeats the purpose of trashing the preferences.

Well, here’s a way to back up your MC settings. This is totally unsupported and easy to mess up, but the worst that can happen is you lose your settings. This assumes that you already are well versed in how to manually back up the settings that can be backed up, and that you do so.

The Mackie Control section can be copied and saved separately, and later restored, at least here on Mac. I just tried it.

You do this with a plain text editor.

You do it by copying xml out of the Defaults.xml file and saving it in a separate doc to later be pasted when needed

Note that it’s just a plain text file that uses tags to delineate sections and settings.

When you delete prefs Cubase initializes everything when relaunched.

Once you bring back in your saved prefs and everything is in order you can go to Device Setup and create a MC but don’t set up any commands.

When you added the Mackie Control in Device Setup, Cubase wrote a section for the Mackie Control which you can find by searching fro “Mackie” in a plain text editor. It is possible to paste your backed up code over the initial code to get your settings back. Here is the important part. Paste the code from through .

You have to understand that the section begins and ends thusly:

         <string name="Group" value="Mackie Control"/>
         <member name="Values">
            <obj class="PCommandDesc" name="F1" ID="4609039760">
               <string name="Category" value="Preferences"/>
               <string name="Command" value="MIDI - Split MIDI Events"/>


             <obj class="CmString" name="defaultBank" ID="4609043600">
               <string name="s" value="Mixer"/>

Note how it begins and ends

Good luck.

Oh, and the xml file for the remote is in a folder called VST XMLs that is not in your prefs folder, so that won’t get trashed when you trash you prefs.

Thank you. This has been helpful

Theres got to be a better way…but I’m afraid Steinberg doesn’t prioritize stuff like this even though it can be a pain every time you trash the preferences.[productfamily]=2

Is the knowledge base referring to something that will answer my question I have stated above any better than Steve did? Your link just sent me to the knowledge base, not any specific issue.

No, I just posted because it describes ALL of the stuff in the “preferences” folder, it’s a good thing to be able to access.