FS - Steinberg UR824 and...

I may be completely glossing over any rules addressing this or a better section, therefore, am posting it here:

I’ve recently purchased a UR824 brand new, thinking I’d put all the inputs to use, however, am simply not. I’ve also optically connected my 002R, resulting in 18 inputs, yet find myself using my 11R more than anything - 'cause I’m a mere guitarist and MIDI newb.

Is anyone here in the market for such hardware?

I’ve not, yet, posted anywhere else, but will if nothing here.

I’m in NW Ohio, USA, and willing to travel for a transaction. May be willing to ship. Includes AI license and everything like new.

Won’t rule out trade offers, either.

I’m thinking $649 for the UR824 and would move both for $799.

Hi-res pics and more info available upon request.

the 824 is really good…youre not using all inputs so youre selling it? how about the outputs…u using them? maybe to drive headphone amps, external comp etc? you dont have to use EVERY single input man…theyre very handy to have spare in case you want to run a few more mics when some friends come over to jam etc.

its like saying “my Nord synth has 2 sets of outputs, im only using one set of outs so im selling it because i cant handle those 2 spare plugs unused so im selling the whole synth”. Bizarre. You can never have too many inputs or outputs in music world.

I certainly see your perspective, Blackout, and do have appreciation for it; however, almost exclusively since purchased, I’ve used the S/PDIF input and OUTPUT 1-2, only. Things don’t seem to be looking up on the multi-track recording front, for me, therefore, thought I’d see if fortune lies elsewhere for another.

BTW…the UR824 is definitely an excellent interface, especially coupled with the dspMix system, and if it goes nowhere, I’ll be perfectly fine with that, too.

Be happy to sell it to you, Blackout…after all…one can never have to many inputs, especially from such a great device. :smiley:

Guess I’ll bump this here.

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