FS UVI, Ableton,Cubase Artist 10 - plugins ETC

Asking price including ilok fees. I can also accept USD or Euros - prices listed in Euros

Ableton Intro 10.1 50
Ableton Lite 10.1 10
Cubase Artist 10 - 175 (dongle included) (Also included is Indie Rock VST loops soundset)

Ilok instruments____________The following instruments require Ilok- I can bundle everything and sell at a better price. I would also allow an account takeover of my ILOK and all accounts and you can then change the username and password.
UVI Keysuite Electric 130
Acoustic Samples Jbass - 30
Akai MPC software lastest build -25
Akai VIP latest build -25
Air Hybrid 3 - 25
Sonivox Eighty Eight - 25

I will bundle all these up and sell them - 185

Arturia Mini Filter - 15
Audiority Pre x7 - 10

XLN Audio Keys Individua - 25 (XLN Audio Electric Grand, Upwright, Mark one Rhodes, Studio Grand)
XLN DS-10 - 15
XLN Kitpiece packs - 5 each (There are 14 kitpiece packs as well and I can bundle those up too)
XLN Midi packs - 10 each (I have 28 left, see list below)
XLN Adpacks - 40 each (I have all 21 adpacks)

I can also bundle up Midi packs and whatnot for a cheaper price.
I can also bundle the XLN audio Keys

Universal Audio Arrow with 14 plugins including Neve Preamp (425 Euros)
Also Selling a portable PC with Thunderbolt 3- it is an INwin Chopic case, 16gb ram, and an Intel I7 8700, 1 TB Samsung NVME Drive - 800 Euros (perfect for recording music)

Martin Custom Shop based on a J-45 3000 EU if purchased outside of reverb/ I can ship anywhere

https://reverb.com/item/26682437-martin … readnought