Fügt man neue Instrumente zu einem neuen oder bestehenden Projekt, erklingt es erst mal nicht

Fügt man neue Intrumente zu einem neuen oder bestehenden Projekt, erklingt es erst mal nicht, da beim Mixer alle Regler immer auf Null sind. Wie kann ich das einstellen, dass die Regler nicht zu erst hochgeschoben werden müssen?

There’s a default setting in Preferences>Play>Mixer>Default Output setting. Set the slider to somewhere around the middle (there is no definitive scale)

The slider was all the way on the left. I put it in the midle, an applied it. but it didnt change anything! What is lacking?

Once you change the slider value - exit Dorico. Then when you restart any new project will have the new default value applied. I don’t think it affects existing projects.

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the new start of the programm helped. Also with earlier project. thx for your help

Once you’ve changed the slider position, you can apply that change to an existing project by re-applying the playback template.

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Sorry, didn’t find how to reapply the playback template? How can I do that?

Play>Playback Template…

Can’t find it in this menu

My German is not so good, but I think it’s Wiedergabevorlage…

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Ok thx. I tried it out. and pressed and applied it. then I at no sound at all. Maybe I have to be ok to restart the programm, when I do a change.