Full Cloning Montage with Audio Files?

Older WL had a feature to Full Clone a montage and also make copies of all associated audio files.

I can’t find this in 9.5.2. I see stuff under Export but nothing looks right to me. I feel silly not being able to figure this out, but would appreciate some insight.


Still there:

Je vous remercie!

Now that I know where it is, I am experiencing a problem. When I hit the CREATE button and choose a new location for the duplicate to be saved, the program just hangs. It does not crash but just sits there unresponsive. Task manager shows the program is still running but nothing is happening. If I hit the ESC button the window becomes responsive again but the operation has not occurred. I tried duplicating to different HD but no change.
However, iIf I just let it duplicate without specifying a new location the operation performs correctly. Puzzling.

If I just let it duplicate without specifying a new location the operation performs correctly

What is the path of the location that works?
What is the path of the location that does not work?

The location which works is the one that was last used. In other words, if I do not try to change the location then it works. Right now it is simply remembering what was last used (which was a long time ago).

If I try to change the location to anything different then it hangs. Here is the procedure in more detail:

  1. Choose New from Montage - Duplicate (recreate audio files)
  2. Click CREATE
  3. Dialog opens and I choose Select Destination Folder
  4. Navigate to desired folder from standard file browser (I have “Use System File Selector” set in preferences)
  5. After the location is selected then both the selector window and the dialog window suddenly vanishes. I am left back at the New from Current File window but its window frame is grey and frozen. Cannot close it or interact with any other WL window. For some reason if I hit the ESC on the keyboard the window frame will be blue/active again and I can close it. But no files have been duplicated.

Windows 7-64pro, current version of WL

I can’t reproduce the problem.
Try to type or copy/paste the desired path, instead of using the file browser. Does it help?

Hmmm. I’m looking to do the same thing. I’m using Wavelab elements 9.5 but there is no option to recreate files. Only Exact Duplicate (Using the Same Audio Files)
Is this option only in the pro version?

Yes that seems to be the case. It’s only in the pro version.