Full commercial songs made with Cubasis

Hello, is there anyone who knows of any commercial song entirely (or mostly) made in Cubasis?

Everything here:

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Hey, i will not say its fully commercial in the sense of a movie production. But it was initally composed for a trailer project at work. Its more or less fully composed and balanced on Cubasis 3.6.1 on IOS. However because of the lag of vst pc support i sampled down some of the kontakt player instruments with chamelon sampler (ios sampler auv3 plugin app) in order to make the spitfire and foundation strings to work. I did the sampling with Ableton Live 11 and Live Link. So i basically played each C note and brought those stems over to the Chamelon Sampler .
Overall the sound was quite nice, but it eventually not made it to the trailer because it was to dramatic^^^ soundcloud. com / alexsmusiccomps / breakthrough