Full course for mixing and editing

Hi everyone,

I am a film maker, been using Cubase for a bit but never did a proper course to learn things, later updated to Nuendo for some of the features geared towards film. I can do the basics in Nuendo, bring my AAF files form Resolve, do the editing, repair sound with Izotope and Spectral Layers etc. But I still feel like I don’t have a good grasp of it. For example to improve sound design in my work, using effects properly being more creative and free. For example, with editing and motion graphics I am not limited by skill. If I want a specific thing I can do it, I want that kind of freedom with Nuendo.

Is there any course that goes through Nuendo as a whole, menus, everything. And focus on the film work aspect? Or a few different things? I know there is lots of stuff on youtube but it is all fractured, not as organised or planned. I prefer course base.

Many Thanks,