Full Disk Cache Load

I loaded 50 tracks in my new project. There is no proccesing on inserts.
Settings of my project - 96 KHz - 32 Float Bit.

50 Tracks @ 96khz and 32bit float is quite alot. Your hard-drive cant keep up.
Here are things that you can do:

Set the bitdepth to 24bit in your projekt and convert allready existing Audio to 24bit instead of 32bit float.
Convert Stereofiles to mono if they are not really stereorecordings.
Reduce the Eventlength to the amount that is really needed and reduce the filelength to match the Clipreference. there is a function in Cubase for that. That should ease of the workload quite a bit.

There is no need to record in 32bit float anyways.

32 float setting is not for record. It’s just for mixing .Earlier i have bigger project then this one. About a 100 tracks whithout a problems.but there was a 24 bit .

What you set in the project is the recording format and not the mixbus resolution. The mixbus works with 32bit float anyways. No matter if you record in 16, 24 or 32bit float.
So there is no need to set it to 32bit float.

Like i said. Reduce the file length, cliplenght, bitresolution and channelamount. You also have a lot of silcene on these drumtracks allready let alone the Vox Tracks. That is unneccessary bandwidth you need for streaming the audio. Are these Hihats, crashes and Bassdrumtracks really stereorecordings? If not i would convert these files to a monofile. You can keep them on a stereotrack if you want to use stereoeffects but this would greatly reduce filesize and workload

Could you show me a picture of your Media Pool?

32bit float does not take a lot more space than 24bit. But 96k doubles the size compared to 48k.
Still that should not be a problem, I can easily run 150 tracks 44.1k @ 32bit float on a 7200 rpm drive.
Are you by any chance using virtual instruments that loads/streams samples from the same drive ?
If you do, freezing or rendering those tracks would help. Make sure no indexing or other disk activities are going on, you could leave it on over night to make sure it’ has finished. And yes check the pool if the files are actually where you they are supposed to be, and not loading from a USB drive :slight_smile: