Full drag'n'drop !

Ok, it’s been requested to death since ages, afaik, but still not there, so… A full drag’n’drop, please !! How frustrating it is when you try to drag some file on battery, kontakt, geist, egoist (sugar bytes), etc. And with the “always on top” bug and the new windows system, using vst-xlm translator became a real pita !

By the way drag’n’drop to mediabay do not allow the user to choose the location for the file…

And finally a specific tab in mediabay for instruments & efx with full drag n drop to arranger view would be handsome…

So to sum up :

  • drag n drop from arranger view to main sample contenders (battery, kontakt, geist, etc) (and vice-versa)
  • mediabay : allow the user to choose the folder for drag’n’drop from arranger view
  • mediabay : a tab for instruments & efx with full drag and drop to tracks/ arranger view

defenetly +1 /me shrugs how this is possible

Those are 3rd party softwares… I do not think there is a standard for drag and drop between software.

I think that is a feature that you would buy Halion/GA for.

i think you might be wrong, because other DAWs allows drag and drop to the vsts which is a steinberg standard. So it is steinberg strategy to not allow full drag and drop to third party software. i think it is a SHAME.

You are probably right.

I do +1 the idea. Especially 2 way drag and drop.
I would LOVE to drag off of Battery cell right into arrangement for quick one shot mults.

op edited !

+1 all the way.

At least SB could add a “xml-translator” area in the plugin window.