Full-duplex example


I am developing a Windows application with Delphi to send and receive test signals with an ASIO driver.

Currently I have managed to send and receive audio information in isolation, that is, in half-duplex mode. When I try to prepare the input and output buffers I only manage to activate the audio input. That is, it is not possible to work in full-duplex mode.

Is there a specific forum to ask about similar examples of full-duplex configurations? Is there any code to serve as an example?

Thanks in advance

Done. Reading and writing was resolved a few weeks ago. Now I find a delay between input and output that in theory should not occur.

The input and output of the audio card is bridged with a jack-jack cable and the software sends a test signal (mls) to calculate the impulse response of the sound card.

On the one hand, there is an “unjustified” delay in the received signal.

On the other hand, if the buffer size is less than 512 samples, audio drops occur.

Currently, sample by sample is done through a “for loop” from the BufferSwitch procedure.

Can it be related to reading and writing data?

Would it be preferable to use specific memory data management functions (move, fillchar,…) to solve it?