Full instrument name in parts

Hi everyone. I’m trying to get some parts ready but am having a bit of a hard time getting the names I want to show on the first staff system, if that makes sense.

In the full score, the percussion part fully shows which instruments are being played on which staff line. In the parts, however, I can only get this to show as “Perc.” Is there a way to have what’s shown in the score also be shown in the part here? Or will I have to work around this by inserting a text in Engrave mode? Thank you.


Hi @mdcomposer and welcome back to the Forum!

  1. Make sure that the layout options of your part in Layout Options/Players/Percussion (and selecting the part layout on the right) are the same as in your full score (it seems as the Grid option is selected in full Score)

2. OR: if you want to maintain the 5-line Staff view in the part, you can use the Percussion Legend for all instruments (right click on first rest or note in the staff):

  1. OR: (also maintaining the 5-line Staff view) you can edit the name of your kit (in Setup mode, expand the player and click on the three dots near the name of the Percussion kit), and break the lines, and eventually adapt the text properties to make it look nice:


Hi Christian. Thank you for your quick response and your visual aid. I knew I was missing something–I kept looking in Staves & Systems; I guess it would make sense to look in Players for this.

I didn’t wish to maintain the five-staff view for the part, but it’s interesting to see that Dorico allows you to choose. The first option is exactly what I needed.

My parts look great now! Thanks again.

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@mdcomposer You are welcome!