Full loop name in info line missing

Hi Experts, maybe I’m missing something obvious, but when dragging a loop from de media bay to a track, the full name of the loop (for instance Ballad - Chorus A - Piano), doesn’t appear in the info line (only Chorus A - Piano). Of course there are many other loop names with that ending, so when experimenting with different loops in the same track, is difficult to now which is which.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

I am using Cubase 13 Pro


Are you talking about the File or the Description field, please?

Hi Martin,
I mean what is under the header “Name” in the list of loops in the MediaBay (full name) and the name shown in the info line when the loop in the track is selected (missing part of the loop name). I would expect them to be the same.


I see now that the info line for the event shows File when it is an audio loop and Name when it is a MIDI loop, which is what I am struggling with.


There is also the Description field in the Info Line.

Yes, but apparently only for audio loops. When I select a MIDI event, that header disappears and is not available in the Setup of the Infoline either.


Is your original report about MIDI or Audio, please?

About MIDI.

I don’t think there is anything you can do on your side other than renaming it yourself. What you see in MediaBay is the file name. What gets displayed in Cubase is the name of the track and part that the author gave it. These are different entries.
Call it slopiness by the creator.

Thanks Johnny,
I’ll make sure to give them a complete name when I drag them.

I appreciate you help!


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