Full score and parts discrepancies

I have imported an xml file for cello and piano, edited in Dorico where needed in “Full Score” view but then I noticed that some of the editing did not affect the “Piano” part.
In a “run of triplets” I forced some stems up and others down in “Full Score” view, but these tweaks are not present in the “Piano” part. I also noted discrepancies in the slurs placement.
I thought there was some kind of sync between the full score and the part views. What am I missing?

At the top right edge of the properties panel there is a “Set local properties” switch. If it’s set to Local, changes that can be layout-specific will only apply to the layout in front of you. If it’s set to Global, changes will apply to that music in all layouts.

If you want to copy property changes from one layout to the others, you can select whichever items on the page and go Edit > Propagate Properties.

Note also that Propagate Properties only copies properties that are available within that mode: you need to be in Engrave mode to copy Engrave mode properties.

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For confirmation, here’s the topic in the manual about changing stem direction and it includes the prerequisite that you’ve chosen the appropriate property scope.

Here’s the manual entry for local vs global properties.


Thank you, but… oh gosh! I got confused with the switch on the left hand side! I’ll go and propagate now.