Full Score Black Blank Screen in PRINT view

I am trying to export a PDF of a Full Score layout, however when I try to export the Full Score in PRINT mode the screen is blacked out and nothing I do can bring the full score back. All of the instruments in the score are checked in the Full Score layout in Setup mode. When I try to create a new Full Score layout I experience the same issue; no issues occur trying to export PDF’s of the parts on the other hand. What am I doing wrong?

Switch to setup mode. I’ll wager you don’t have any flows assigned to that layout.

Your Page Range is empty.

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Thank you both for your replies! Dan, I did not think about that and I did verify that the boxes for each flow were in fact checked. Thank you for bringing that to my attention because I hadn’t thought of that. Thank you Lumortensen for catching the page range! Once I selected All Pages the score appeared!!

Thank you both!