Full Score Condensing Problem with Instrument Change

Working with a late nineteenth century orchestra manuscript. Composer changes instruments periodically - i.e. what starts as Horn in D 1&2 changes to Horn in F 1&2 and similarly of for Clarinets ( A to B flat) and Trumpets (D to B flat). I’ve set up the instrument changes via “Control I” in the Set Up menu and the instrument changes appear correctly in the parts. However, when I turn on “Condensing” for the full score, the original instruments condense properly, but the instrument changes do not. Have I set up the instrument changes incorrectly? Would appreciate guidance on this.

Only the first instrument held by a player can be condensed, so you’re not missing anything.

You could handle this another way, if condensing all instruments is important: you could have a separate player per instrument, assign multiple instruments to the same part, and handle “instrument changes” manually? They won’t be able to share the same staff, but if you can format the music so that instrument changes coincide with system breaks and hide empty staves, the end result could be quite similar.

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