Full Score, Instrument group names

Clarinets are not displayed like the others.
How do I correct this?

You’ve probably edited the names at some point. Go into Setup mode, click the disclosure arrow, then “edit name” and make sure the name just says Clarinet on both Players.

Setup page; nope, not the issue

sorry, wrong file.

Even though they appear correct, try “Change instrument” for both clarinets to reset their names. You might have a rogue space in there.

All instruments with out keys © are ok.
G, F, Bb instruments have this problem, and , yes, I did try reset the names

I don’t typically use this staff label format for the score, but it does work correctly for me (see below).

Could you delete all the music and post the empty project here? I’m not sure what else to suggest.

I do notice that my instruments look different in the left panel when I add them.

I can edit the player name easily to match yours, and the grouping still displays correctly for me. However, my instrument names are different from yours as well. I suspect there’s something amiss with the way you’re adding the instruments or editing the names.

When you edit the names for clarinet, can you click the button to “Reset to Default”?

instrument names with transposition.png

I closed Dorico, restarted, changed the instrument names and it is good.
Thanks for the help!