Full score labels for Late Classical period horn parts

I’m working with a late Classical piano concerto featuring 4 horns in the orchestra. The concerto is in 3 movements, with two horns in h (b-natural), and two in d. Three of the horn players change to horns in g for the middle movement only. I would like the staff labels to read Horn I, Horn II, Horn III, and Horn IV, regardless of which horn the player is holding. I know it must be possible. For my setup, I have 4 horn players and the first 3 have been assigned two horns each. Separating the horns into different players doesn’t seem to make much difference. I see the options in “Engraving Options > Staff Labels > Numbering,” and while the options achieve different results, they do not achieve the results I want. Short of hiding all staff labels and typing them manually, does anyone know an easier approach?

In Setup Mode, go to the players instruments and klick on the triangle. Then chose to rename them. Before hitting apply, make sure to set „show Transposition“ to „never“ for both the short and the full name.
This can be applied to each instrument individually and overrides the Lay-out options chosen.

EDIT: it might be, that an automatic numbering still appears. If this is the case, put each horn player in their separate group in Setup Mode.

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I was replying to say that I had already done that, but then your EDIT appeared. I will try this and get back to you. Thank you.

For clarity, do I add each horn to a separate group, or do I add each player (3 of which have 2 horns) to a separate group? The latter option does not change the automatic numbering – I still get “Horn I, Horn III, Horn V, Horn VII.”

Correction: If I add each player to a separate group, I get no numbering at all. I just get “Hn, Hn, Hn, Hn”

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You could edit the instrument names to add the roman numerals manually.


That’s it! After doing what klafkid suggested, and then making the obvious edit to the instrument names, the problem is solved. Thank you both!!!

That was my point, sorry if I didn’t express it clearly.

You expressed your point beautifully and clearly. I’m the one who sometimes needs extra assistance to see something so obvious. Thanks again!

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If @Chase43078 is happy, then we’re happy! :slightly_smiling_face: