Full Score Name

How do I get Doirco to always put “Full Score” on every new composition I create on the top left?
Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 7.09.56 AM

In Setup mode, right panel/layouts–change the name of the layout (double click to rename).

I’m not sure why “Score” is your default. Someone with more knowledge will have to chime in.

I get nothing to pop up on the score with this name.
Thank you for your help.

By default, Dorico has the token for the Layout name in the PART Page Template; but not in the Score Page Template.

You can add the Layout name token to a text frame in the Score’s Page Template (“First”) – though I’d argue that it’s largely self-evident. :grin:

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Ah! I added the layout name token to my full score template (which I rename as “piano/voc” or “full band”, or whatever) as a default so long ago, I forgot I did it.

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