Full Screen Optimization with Videos needs to be looked at

I’m hoping Steinberg can look into something. I’ve run into issues for years since Steinberg created their own video engine. Which of course is not an easy feat. The issue seems to be when running multiple monitors through Nvidia cards, for me that’s been GTX1060 and now RTX3080 - running studio ready drivers.

Something wonky happening when I display my video in full screen. The monitor running through HDMI 1080p - projected. It’s like the video will run smoothly and then when some windows close in the program for example the DOP window, I get a black flash and the video starts to play super sluggish. If I fiddle with windows I can get it back smooth. I found a workaround which is to either just keep the video out of full screen mode - Maybe Steinberg can look into the ways Windows operating system is handling full screen optimization for Videos/games etc, maybe with nvidia cards, possible run the video through a borderless style approach that we find in games etc to prevent it doing somekind of full screen focus out of focus. or provide options to fit the video window perfectly into the window instead of running fullscreen. I also have a blackmagic card so that has been my option as well when clients are in the room with me mixing. I’ve tried so many things to remedy the issue, with settings and when I remove full screen optimization through Nuendo it doesn’t do anything noticeable.

So the main reason I’m posting about it in the forum was I had some suspicion that it might have been my OS as I have been migrating older system over to new etc. However today I installed a fresh Win 11 - barebones, no third party plugins, just my audio drivers and latest video drivers and BAM same problem unfortunately. Which points to the way the video engine is interacting to windows and Nvidia cards possibly. Thanks in advance for looking into it.


I use N12 with Nvidia cards and multi monitors on Win 10 and have never had a problem with the full screen video. My 2 cents.

Thanks for sharing.

Curious how many monitors? and are they running all the same resolution/ refresh rate?

In my case I’m using the 4 full that my card supports and it’s only the projector that is causing the issue, only though Nuendo.

So it is not a problem when using the Blackmagic card output?

Yeah Blackmagic card solves the issue for me since its its own dedicated card, outside of the slight slow down of video it does from time to time its my work around. I do however have other use cases for using video through windows/gpu when sharing to client remotely etc. So far now just not using full screen. Interesting to know if others are not experiencing it as it might be something to do with it being 4 monitors and how my projects is handling the input signal when its outputting that many, not sure yet