Full Screen Support on macOS

Great job on Cubase 10 - loving most of it!

I’m still really missing full screen support though.

You have really improved the usability of Cubase in single-window/screen workflows making working on large single screens as well as laptops a treat - yet you force us to waste the upper few centimetres of the screen for an unnecessary window-frame and the menu bar, which I’m guessing most users hardly ever use.

So please, add full screen functionality!


I second this! Please add full screen functionality.

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I have the same request, full screen mode with the green button on the MacOs window is a great space saver on all Mac applications from years ago.
I hope Cubase too can give us this precious and simple feature.
Another macOs feature that I love is the quick preview activated by the spacebar when selecting file icon in finder.

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We need to nag Steinberg on this, untill they implement it back - as we already had it in Cubase 7, and then they removed it in 8.

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I didn’t know that until version 7 was implemented. I come from Logic, I switched to Cubase 10 but I admit I feel a great lack of full screen support, on desktop and more on laptop.
I am sure that the guys from the Steinberg team will not leave this important request unanswered, now all the mac applications have this very useful feature.

I agree the Fullscreen mode on masOS needs to be brought back to Cubase again, why would Steinberg ever remove the feature to begin with?

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The waste of screen space is an absolute tragedy with the (still) crowded GUI of Cubase.

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+1, it’s time!

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I sold Cubase

lol, what?


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+1 would love to have this feature back in Cubase again!

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How cool would it be?

I wish I could fullscreen my mixer in a separate window and switch between it and cubase with cmd+tab function

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If your are used to work with the full screen mode aka several desktops screens (one automatically for every full screen app) then this really is a show stopper, as you have to hide your dock only for Cubase and your can’t switch to other apps in the used way. You have to create a second desktop but this ist totally cumbersome and illogical to the whole full screen mode concept of macOS especially regarding the dock behavior. And then there is still the waste of screen space…

The idea is neat. However is it even possible to get something useful work flow with it and plugins? One missing feature for the plugins is they are not dock-able so they can never fit in. And if you still need a window stack what is the point?

Vote for this too. Simply need some more space for Cubase on my 13-inch MBP.

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Yep. Bring the full screen!


Are we gonna wait for another decade to have fullscreen in macos ?