Fun music app recomendations?

I’m going on a road-trip with my brother soon. Rather than installing Cubase on my notebook (PC) , I’m thinking it would be fun to get an app or two that are more playful in nature for whiling away odd bits of time.

Any suggestions?

I’ll be on vacation soon, and I thought about this as well, though I do have Cubase installed on my laptop. I ended up ordering an Akai MPC Key 37, just to try this workflow too AND get a bit away from my computers :slight_smile:

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It’s brand new & has nothing extra installed - yet. I think if I put Cubase on it I’d use it just like when I’m home, and more what I’m looking for is to play around with something that creates ‘surprises’.

Sure, but isn’t this what we users want, so that you can continue offering help? :slight_smile:

I was just on the brink of exploring the App Store when Windows popped up and wanted to install Windows 11 - so that was that for the night.

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