Fun Stuff... Explain your Avatar

I thought it might be fun to see why people have the Avatars they have.
For me, my avatar is a small cut out of a larger piece she did on silk for a friend if mine. I checked with her first to see if she had a problem with me posting an image of her work on line, she did not want me show the whole thing so this is just the inner most section.
The whole thing is like a compass with pointy things expanding out from the center. Anyway it is original artwork.
For those of you that have a photo, is it really you??? or photoshop.

Mine is neither a picture of me or a photo of photoshop. I think it must be a Sarah Palin Voter.

Useful things Atoms

The avatar isn’t really me…but it is a photo of me…not life size though.

Unlike my photo, I am in colour. Well, maybe not this time of year…more of blue eyed albino with iron deficiency.

Chicks dig that.


Nice hat :slight_smile:

Yes, and no.

The man in the picture is me, but the twin eyes of Sauron is a Photoshop addition. :sunglasses:

It comes with Indiana Jones Action Pants™, gold fertility idol belt buckle and accessory vinyl bullwhip.

I am the definition of coolness when out photographing…

My avatar is a picture of me before I was born.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

My current avatar is an icon of Carbohydrate Capitalism. Music to the cash registers of the chosen ones!!

My current avatar is to highlight that those who go protesting should learn to spell :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Oh there’s no secret. The infamous photo is a classic on google


For me it says even more than that – when a guy accuses others of being “morons” but can’t even spell the word “morons” correctly the irony is oh so sweet. Unfortunately, he’s giving conservatives a bad name. Liberals usually are better educated, in general

My avatar is me on a good day. On bad days I tend to turn black. I love maidens, but they are usually afraid of me first… that is until they see my tongue. :wink:

He looks like he totally passed out last night in a patch of nettles.

(actually, my pic sorta looks like that too…except my complexion is from jpg artifacting of a 3 day beard.)


Just had a funny thought. If you decide to change your avatar later, this thread is going to reflect wrong things. Someone unearthing this thread will have a funny time guessing :“What did they mean?”
Anyway, my current avatar is a picture of the soundboard of the 1769 Taskin harpsichord, a copy of which I am a proud owner of (only mine isn’t painted like this). Isn’t it lovely? Now I wonder what picture will appear against this post next year… :slight_smile:

I think my avatar explains itself, hehe

Kim :ugeek:

P.S Can someone help me format my signature so it looks correct again?

Hi Kim,

Try this for a sig. They don’t allow colors or anything fancy whatsoever. Copy and paste the 2nd paragraph into your sig. Your URL might not work either, as it has ASPX code in it. if that is the case, then use the last URL format I listed.

[Edit] Had to re-upload the attachment 3 times. Apparently it doesn’t take txt or rtf files. They still have a lot of work to do on this forum!!!

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Like this?

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[UPDATE] I just noticed that sig settings at My Steinberg do not allow for color in sigs.
So you have to remove all color tags, quotation marks and _target="blank" tags, and change any remaining instances of angle bracket > to square bracket ].


Wait… did I miss something? I thought you couldn’t add colors to your sig. Did they change something or did I just overlook it. If I gave out the wrong information, feel free to slap me with a dead fish. :laughing: