Function Buttons NOT WORKING !PLEASE Help

Hello and greetings,
I have Cubase 7 and function buttons are not working. Button 1 light is on (Green) and I cannot press any other button, they’r turning on. Also pressing function button 1 makes nothing.

How do I do anything with Function buttons in Cubase 7 ?

Thank you Very very much

Hello, Is there any moderator here? Someone who can help ?

Thank you

You haven’t provided any info about your setup. Are you using the latest versions of Cubase and the CC121 drivers?

I’m using Cubase 7.06 Build 2230 (both 32/64bit)
And the latest version of CC121 drivers TOOLS_for_CC121_V175_Win64

What have you tried, so far?

For instance, did you open Device Setup, and reset the CC121?

Have you turned the device off and on again?