Function selector

I dont get how to do it. On the CC121 there is 4 function buttons that I want to use to select the function of the function dial. Should be 8 fuctions. 4 for press and 4 for “value” types. But I dont get any responce at all from the function keys.

Now I think what I want from this function keys. I would like the to work as “secondary-AI-knob”.
It should work like this:
A new mode:
Select your function with the AI.
Press the function nr as long press and the AI-knob function is copied to the function rotation dialer.
If the function dialer is pressed at the same time it programed for working as the pressed function dialer.
Then a short press on the number recalls the ai to the function dialer. With this basic and easy to use
pattern you get access to 9 AI-knobs. One primary and 4 secondary and a other 4 pressed secondary.