Function to "flip" automation data (around horizontal axis)?

Hi -

If I have an automation curve that is a more complicated version the 1st one below, is there a way in Cubase to flip it over its horizontal axis so it looks like the second one?:
… x…x

********************************************************************************************* <— Horizontal Axis
… …xxxxxxxxx
… x…x

If Cubase can’t do this, does anyone know of any 3rd party plug-in that can (good is good, good and free is better!) ?

(The reason I’m interested in doing this is to have two vocal tracks that interact with each other in terms of volume automation (or conceivably eq, etc.): as one gets a tiny bit louder, the other gets a tiny bit softer. If there is a better/easier way to do this, which of course there probably is since I know nothing!, I’d be grateful to hear any ideas! :slight_smile:).


Yes, it would be great if the Project Logical Editor had a function “Flip” for Automation, but unfortunately it doesn’t.
So, the next question is… “How badly do you need to achieve this?” :wink:
If you think it is worth the trouble, here’s how…

  1. Let’s presume you already have your original automation curve (presumably, volume automation, but it could be anything else also). I presume, also, that there is a “destination” track, ready to receive the “flipped” automation?
  2. Create a MIDI track (yes, MIDI) and open a CC#7 automation lane for it. (because we can flip regular CC# data :wink: )
  3. Using the Range Tool, select the source automation and alt-drag, to copy it to the open MIDI track’s CC#7 automation lane.
  4. Select and Solo the MIDI track, set Left and Right Locators, then, MIDI menu>“Merge MIDI in Loop”. This should create a MIDI Part on the track, with CC#7 now as a Controller Lane in it.
    (Unfortunately, even if you had the option “Erase Destination” active in the Merge MIDI dialog, you will still need to delete the nodes from the MIDI track’s automation lane.)
  5. Select the MIDI Part, then use the following Logical Editor settings…
    Upper Section…
    Type is___Equal___Controller___and
    Value 1 (MIDI Controller No.)___Equal___7

Lower Section…
Value 2___Mirror___64 (presuming you wish to flip it around a central axis)

Function = Transform

  1. With that MIDI Part still selected (and its CC#7 Automation lane still open), go to MIDI Menu>Functions>Extract MIDI Automation
  2. (Using the Range tool) Drag the newly-created (flipped :wink: ) automation to the destination automation lane.
    However, although the curve should be the way you want it, you’ll find that there are many superfluous nodes.
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Thank you, vic_france! I always learn how to do what I am trying when you answer, PLUS always at least a little more. This may be the thing that gets me to become acquainted with the Logical Editor.

Thanks again!

+1 on that - I use the Logical Editor a lot (and have used it as you describe for automation modification), but it’s another thing that would be a real boon if it was present in the PLE. I wonder if they’ve fixed the bug I reported when it first appeared? I don’t think anyone confirmed it… and I’m not even sure I can find it now!