functional differences betw. page and galley view

I game across this question when I tried the new feature to hide staves from multi-stave instruments (which, btw. is not fully functional in case of a single player who plays two different multi-staff instruments like, say, piano and marimba- covered by someone else in another thread).

Am I alone in being a little puzzled by the fact that some functionality is only available in galley view- like the switch between the different instruments of one player? I find this a little cumbersome, and I would really wish for some kind of key shortcut or UI button/switch that instantiates instrument switches, instead of only being able to instantiate that by inputting notes into the second instrument, which only can be done in galley view. Or open up for somehow making all the instruments visible in page view. I may be alone with this, but I find working in galley view to work against what Dorico otherwise does so extremely well- replicate an analog way of composing (I actually praised Dorico for that right when I first got it, and I still think that it does a great job in page view). When working with pencil and paper, I use sheets of paper, not an endless scroll, and this makes galley view pretty weird for my taste- kind of like having to wind a tape to the beginning to check what I did there.

There is a third type of view planned, system view, which is like a cross between page view and galley view: it shows the music on each system as it will appear in page view, but with only a single system to a page, and the pages laid out one after another left to right, like galley view. System view will allow you to see e.g. all of the staves belonging to a player and the single staff that would appear in page view, all at the same time.

I’m not sure when system view will make its way back into Dorico (we had a prototype implementation in place for a while, but it requires quite a lot more work to get it ready for daily use), but it’s important for a number of the score management features we’re planning.