Functionality I cannot find in the notice

I turn to this forum because I can’t find my answers in the notice.

Two things :

1/ I saw in a tutorial that you can select all pregain in the mixer.
It’s a brilliant and very helpfull feature.
But… where is it, how do you activate select all pregain tracks, please ?

2/ I always had a solo in keyboard edit mode.
All of a sudden, it is not there anymore.
I just cannot find where is the option to put it back on ?

And I’m sorry to say that the notice is often very light on many topics.

Please help, thank you.

I’m in cubase pro 11

Hmmh, let’s see if I understand your questions correctly.

  1. a) You can set the Pre Gain either for a single Track in Channel Settings Editor:


  1. b) or for multiple Tracks in a MixConsole Window by enabling the Pre (Filters/Gain/Phase) Rack:


  1. You can show the Solo Editor option in Key Editor by enabling the Default Items in the Toolbar Settings (Set Up Toolbar button in the top right corner of the Key Editor):

If you want to adjust the Pregain (or really any parameter) for multiple Tracks at the same time;

  1. In the MixConsole select all the Tracks you want to change
  2. Then enable the Qlink (Quick Link) button - this will cause any change made to a Track to occur on all of them

Thank you very much to both of you.

I’m learning new things and I’m grateful for this.

Though in Don Sigalas tuturial, he seems to be happy to say that he can select alltracks parameters in the mix console in one clic.

Not selecting all of them manually + quicklink…

Did I misunderstand something ?

Not having seen it I expect he means the change itself happens in one click. Some folks leave QLink on all the time because if only Channel is selected then it doesn’t matter and when they have selected multiple Channels it is because they want to do something to them all. The QLink will change dynamically to work on different Channel selections as they occur.

When selecting Channels, both Shift+click and Ctrl+click can be used to select ranges of Channels.