Funky Flow Headers – Two column layout

Greetings all‚
It seems that there’s something going on with flow headers. I am experimenting with a two-columns-per-page layout. I’ve created a completely new master page set that has two equally-sized columns that are part of the master frame chain. Each flow has a proper title and yet, for some reason, Dorico is insisting on doubling up the first flow header on each page. For instance, “Kyrie” repeats at the top of the Sanctus which starts in the second column and should have its proper header. Interestingly, if I start the Sanctus at the bottom of the first column, the Sanctus flow header displays properly. The same error repeats at the top of the second page.
Project attached.
Missa XVII alternate (448 KB)

I haven’t bothered to download the project, but it’s well known that automated flow headings don’t work in conjunction with multiple columns on a page. Flow Headings pull data from whichever flow they think is nearest. In some situations that flow can be the one above, or the one to either side. You’ll need to use manual text frames, or override using {@flow_x_Title@} etc.

News to me, but I’m glad to have an answer. Seems an odd thing; hopefully it will be addressed. I’m surprised this would confuse Dorico. If it knows it needs to start XX music, you’d think the same logic would dictate the flow heading occur before said music. At any rate, thanks, Leo.