Future Annual Request: Smart Solo

Here’s what I’d like: a modifier key + S combo that will activate Solo on a selected automated track (or tracks), or alternately, click a Solo button while holding a modifier key… so the result will be: a soloed track that ignores any automated mutes, but will not ignore any other automation data on that track. That’s what I want. And I bet I’m not alone on this one.

I have always wanted something -slightly- different. I would like to be able to hit a Ctrl-Shift-S or -whatever- and that the selected channels(s) instantly solo—regardless of whatever else is going on.

And by that I mean that I often am already soloing a bunch of channels and then decide I need to hear -just- one track. I want to be able to have a ‘temporary solo’… WITHOUT ‘forgetting’ the solo or mute states I had going.

Useful wrinkle. Doesn’t interfere with my dream…just a matter of using a different mod key to make solo over soloed happen.

The reason behind my little idea is to be able tweak stuff after I’ve done a bunch of automation…which may include a series of mutes. I want to be able to adjust tracks without being interrupted by the automated mutes while listening to every other bit of nonsense I automated. As it stands now, the only way I can get close is to click off Read…but that kills all the fader, EQ, sends…etc. moves, which I still need to hear.