Future Cubase: Adding an intuitive way to modulate parameters via LFOs

Hey there,
I got a suggestion for a feature or better called optimization for the next version of Cubase.

I found out that you can only modulate parameters of a 3rd party Plugin via MIDI CC in the studio remote controls and adding an AutoLfo instance for that track.

So how tf is in 2023 not an intuitive and workflow frineldy solution already there? It’s one of the basisitic things you do to automate things and yet there is only this way of " Just click a thousand times till you’re there and half of your the day is gone " option.

Let me know if you agree guys and let me know what’s killing your workflow.


Hello SQSon,

if you search the forum you will find this particular feature has been requested already. You might want to add your comment there.

Also, if you spend enough time in this forum you will be able to vote on feature-request. The vote system is in place so that Steinberg can have a better overview which feature is requested by more users (from the forum).

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