Future Cubase and VST4 Request: Sandbox for VST

I’ve been recovering old projects that used many old vsts and some of them just crash. Cubase rarely tells me which ones they are so I don’t know which ones to disable.
Also, I’ve read that Rack Extensions for Reason has the ability to NOT crash when a rack extensions does, a feature which I am now very envious of.

I’ve had newer vsts crash too, massive por instance, so I’m requesting sandboxing vsts or isolating them or maybe virtualizing them, since it would make Cubase more stable. Computers are really fast now anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you

That would be amazing. Sounds too good to be true though…

If you need more ram than 32Bit Cubase can adress: Cubase simply crash

If you run more than 64x 32BitPlugins Cubase crashs…

So everybody (how use many VSTs or need much RAM) should use JBridge:
It can handle VST2 32Bit Plugins correctly.
Can start every plugin as seperat Task (AUX-Host in the Taskmanager)
so if a JBridg(ed) Plugin crashs, you just get an: dispatcher error, but cubase keeps running… (it stops for a while, but than it goes on, and you can reload/change the plugin, without restarting Cubase.

cost just 15.-
without it i wouldn’t use Cubase… (and the most other VST users also…) but with JBridge Cubase rulez…

@ this moment I don’t know any Synths (exept Steinberg owns) which “realy” support VST3 with NoteExpression… anyone?

@Loop Breaker
I’ll try this out for sure. Thank you.
It would still be very nice to have a Steinberg solution for this with proper support but I guess this should work nicely.

I have also no Idea, but with JBridge you slove this Problems…
and than you will have also no need for this^^.

If you use many Hosts, or use Automap and Jbridge, i can also recommend
TabSel’s VST2 Plugin Manager https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=156741
This one JBridge for you (if installed), sort the plugins how you want (for multiple host different if needed)
very simple, fast, it looks complicated but you have just to create/rename a directory and edit 2 Files.
One with the VSTPaths
and the other with the Configuration for each host. (jbridge, x86 or x64, automaped or not (and if they look like they don’t automapped…)
and you can use the configurations on different Computers, no setup needed, genius…

thanks :mrgreen:

We thank You!!!

@Loop Breaker
Do you guys at the german part of the forum have any other nice external tools for Cubase?

Ich lerne gerade deutsch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes TabSel also show me a good workaround “to control anything by anything”.
But for all these stuff you need virtualMIDI Ports, loopMIDI for example…

First of all: (once done never do it again)
create a Template with (however)16 Tracks but we just need the QCs so it doesnt metter wich kind.
give the tracks the names:

Now you set up a GericRemote and choose one of youre virtual-Midi-loop-back-Ports as input.
and when CC1 comes
it’s track 0-7 / QuickControl1
and CC2 = 0-7 / QC2
cc3 = 0-7 / QC3

and export this when done… also you can export youre created QC-Tracks…
it’s importent that those "QC"Tracks are allways at the beginning, because the Generic Remote will, if used, ever control the QuickControls fo the first 16 Channels (if you set up like i write) and when there is another track, the GenericRemote don’t care it controls the wrong 16th Channel 8th QuickControl… so just keep the tracks on top…

When you have done this: you can control anything by just “learning” and set the CC to the corresponding LoopBackQC (for example 8-15 / QC1 = CC8)

Example: Just create a Midi-Track set output to the LBQC and control what ever you want with (up to 128 things currently and more) with one midi-Track if you want. It just has to be automateable…

The most Cubase VSTs has no MIDI, and so this Workaround is often requierd… The note2cc plugin is interessting but it’s horrible to work with it… so it might be better to go here also 3rd party.

But with this (“selfmade”) Tools you can build “Synth” funktions inside Cubase wich can do much of editing automaticaly for you, because you can play anything you want, with anything you like, and dont have to create it by editing…

The following tools i find also very helpful for those things:
the Transformer
the Midi-Monitor
and the other Midi-Plugins in Cubase. To Transform anything to the CC you like… se what you do…

The powerful VST Plugin i know:
is a VST chainer and
a MIDI Tool and
a ModularSyntesizer,
and can be hostet as instrument, effekt, rewire and stand alone and its called Bidule. http://www.plogue.com/products/bidule/

MidiShapere is a LFO and an ENV http://www.cableguys.de/midi-shaper.html
With the AutoLFO Midi-Plugin in Cubase you can choose one CC = QC
but cubase has no Envs, and the MidiShaper can be used as “one”, is much more editable, and can control muliple QCs at once (with one instance).

Best Regards

I’ll be printing your response to pdf thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:
Awesome response!