Future Feature Request - error audit/review?

When finishing up my federal tax returns the program runs an audit to flag potential problems. Does anyone else think this would be a helpful feature for D?

1 - flag unreconciled repeat signs and other mapping symbols causing the score to not print properly
2 - flag for missing barlines to confirm you really want them to be hidden
3 - other?

I think there are a number of useful proof-reading checks that Dorico could make in the future, certainly. I doubt we’ll have time to work on this in the very near future, but I agree there are lots of possibly handy things it could warn you about.

I’ve previously suggested a feature that could display all collisions (similar to the highlight feature for cue suggestions), and the user could decide which were intentional and which were unintended. Not bumping, just chiming in.

That feature is something I miss from Sibelius and would have proven very useful to me yesterday while I was reviewing an orchestral score, albeit I have to say that there are much less collisions with Dorico, and even less after condensing! :sunglasses:

I, for one, would love Dorico to do my tax returns for me as well.

The easiest solution for doing tax returns is not to earn any money :slight_smile:

But seriously, these sort of checks might be good candidates for scripting when that develops, since different users will have their own shopping list of things they want to check, and a relevant warning hidden among ten irrelevant ones is not much better than no warning at all.