Future Music Mag drops Cubase support

Yes but that’s mainly down to 2 things:

  1. Ease of use. Most people like to find the quickest route nowadays, and there is no doubt that Live and Logic Pro are the DAWs that are incredibly easy to learn.
    And here’s the big one…
  2. The simplicity of obtaining a free copy. Been there, done that (I own both of them legally now) and it took me about 2 minutes to find a torrent. That can not be done with Cubase. I must add though that Steinberg probably wouldn’t be making a mistake by dropping the eLicenser. Adobe started making all their programs much easier to crack and sales started soaring.

I’m not being bias towards Cubase either. I use Live almost as much as I use Cubase and its a great piece of software. I also use Logic (albeit only for university). It’s not the DAW for me and I could point out many many problems but it’s certainly not bad.

Anybody consider that FM might be dropping ALL DAW-based ‘Technique’ features - Logc, Live etc. ?
Very unlikely that only Cubase will be removed at the expense of others IMHO.

#2 is another can of worms, i’ve always wondered what the actual impact on sales this has. it most definitely hurts smaller developers, badly. as regards the big daws, no idea, you could be right. #1 is funny though, it’s like saying ‘yes, but it’s only because people prefer to have a good time that they seek the competition, otherwise they would surely come to us instead, no doubt.’ (because, you know, getting there quick is and should be the goal, unless one’s a massochist.)

(btw. i feel the same as you about logic.)

“Future Music Mag drops Cubase support”, Funny :laughing:
I couldn’t care less… I never read it anyway.

Steinberg/Yamaha and Cubase/Nuendo are the leading platform on music and film. :smiley:
So they should perhaps change their name too if they aint going write about new technology. From “Future” to “Yesterday”-Magazine.

Best Regards

Although Freddie and myself maybe somewhat biased towards Steinberg products, i think that him in particular knows his gear, or computers at least but it’s a real pity there is no news about a future version 8 of Cubase which makes me wonder if in the past there was any information available around this time.


Not a link, just an address hehe.
Future M Cubase is alive and well including YouTube vids.


It’s true that most music production mags are merely re - word the manuals of DAWs however I must must admit that the re - wording helped millions of average English speakers as some of the terminology in the manual is just so unusual if you have not studied music

The Internet mags and forums helped me a great deal when I was stuck on something.

looking at this new release of Future Music (Dec 14) it seems that the 'Technique" section of the mag has disappeared altogether. So they have dropped their section on Ableton, Logic, etc as well as Cubase.

so maybe they werent picking on Cubase specficially after all. so its not all bad news (i guess?)

all are dropped so its still a level playing field. but i cant help think its a shame.