Future Music Mag drops Cubase support

in this months Future Music (Issue 285 - Nov 14) in the “Technique - Cubase” section it says

“This is the last of the monthly forays into the specific features and quirks of Cubase”

Whoops Steinberg…forget to send those palm-greasing cheques in last month?..(cough cough) i mean…forget to run some full-page ads recently supporting the mag Steinberg?

this will surely impact sales, especially with the Technique column continuing to sail forward and highlight monthly features and sing the praises for the Big Competition …Ableton, Logic, etc.

Maybe someone at Steinberg needs to get on the phone Quick Smart and turn this boat around…before Cubase becomes less and less relevant in the pages of Music enthusiast mags…

Strange indeed :confused:

SOS next one out?

i hope not. i subscribe to SOS partly because i really enjoy learning about a new aspect of Cubase every month in its pages…

i can only hope it is not related to some survey, meaning it is no longer relevant to the readers.

having said that, computer music magazine still has plenty cubase in their magazine. again, i don’t know if that only reflects personal DAW preferences of their editors, or that their readers actually do use it as well.

i am assuming future music is a bigger deal though, so yes, this should serve as a wake up call.

I stopped buying Future Music about 10 years ago. The magazine title is an oxymoron. I learned that spending the time it took to read the Cubase articles was better spent on direct exploration of, and experimentation with, Cubase.


I rarely see anything in these magazines that is not just a re-wording of the Operation Manual…
Never actually bought one but I used to thumb through them. Now I don’t even thumb through them anymore.

Just cause cubase 8 not far away

Word! Big time!


It has always puzzled me that so many forum users are using more time on writing questions in the forum, waaaay more time, than it actually takes to find the answer in the manual.
Or way more time than to actually try it out. Whatever function/answer they are looking for.

Some are waiting days even (sometimes weeks), to get some sensible answers before even touching the manual and/or try it out for themself :confused:

What is all that about? Still puzzles me :confused:

PS. I usually try first, then RTFM, then post a question.
Sometimes though, I RTFM first. As I probably should try more often :blush:

works both ways ,sometimes i can spend ages messing about with cubase getting wrong what i`m trying to do ,when i could have just searched utube and found out what to do in a fraction of the time. i rarely use the manual


Even tho’ I am a major manual reader from way back, I do now believe
that because on-line technology has advanced so far so fast,
text material (PDF/print manuals etc ) will soon be used only as a supplement
to on-line vids.


I also of corse check out online resources like YouTube etc, before waisting hours, days and weeks writing and waiting for answers in the forum.

But some are using all that time here without trying to educate themself, whether it is trying, reading the manual, using online resources, or whatever. All these things are faster than wait around a written forum for answers.
That’s what puzzles me :confused:

Maybe if you read the Manual, while messing around, you didn’t have to spend ages messing around? Isn’t that what the Manual is for? :wink:
Of corse I agree on using YouTube and other online resources

Is there coverage for any other DAW softs such as techniques or was Cubase a staple?

Other daws too.

it is quicker to find a utube solution than it is to find the answer in the manual ,this has been the case so many times with me .when i started using cubase if i had not being able to watch the cubase tutorial videos plus guidance from close friends who already knew how to use cubase to a point and had learned with the manual ,i would probably not have bothered trying to learn cubase . i remember seeing the cubase sx3 manual for the first time and thinking :open_mouth: :ugeek: nah cant be bothered,ill stick with my 4 track.

They are from time to time releasing a ‘steinberg - in the studio’ kind of videos, which clearly are a cooperation with steinberg, what with the ‘natural’ utterances of the interviewees going ‘oh this cubase, it’s, like, great’ :wink:

it may just be the editor ran out of topics, there’s only so much you can cover, and the daw is not as open ended as ableton for instance.

i find that a hard pill to swallow…Cubase is sooo deep if you dig further they could surely keep going almost forever. and then a new version comes out and they have more fodder with a new version

To be honest, I think this was expected. The editors have always seemed bias to other DAWs. They’ve always been subtle, but they like to hint that other DAWs can do the same things better, which imo is so so wrong. I much prefer SoS or Computer Music (although CM articles and tuts are usually pretty straight forward stuff).

Maybe there is some back room deal(s) going on.

It makes sense to promote to an extent “other” DAW softs, since they tend to use ASIO/VST and Steinberg gets a royalty anyway; plus those programs tend to be geared towards the less professional user or otherwise user who simply wants to knock up an idea quickly.

if you mean royalty literally, then no, the vst sdk is free, you just quote steinberg in your product. as regards the ‘professionality’ of DAWs, that’s a can of worms, but look at the chart topping productions and you’ll find mostly logic ableton combos for the production part anyway.