Future plans for Plugin licenses of older Products

Just wondering if there are any plans to convert Steinberg plug-ins to the new licensing paradigm? I love the new system for CB 12 however I have several Steinberg Plug-ins and sound sets so if I want to use them I have to have the Steinberg Key in use, so I gain no advantage by using the dongle free licensing.
Cubase dongle products

I would be interested in a response to this too. I currently have 3 Sequel Content sets and the Analog House expansion for Retrologue 2 and the licenses currently live on the Steinberg Key.

When I eventually move over to CB12, what happens to these licenses?

I get the feeling that only new items will move across as they’re released.

I really hope I’m wrong, but it’s strange that HALion/Sonic plugins and libraries didn’t move across with the initial C12 launch - Particularly, as they’re so integrated with the app.

The included HALion Sonic SE is already transferred…

If you want to be dongle-free, you have to only use products that are either on a Software eLicenser (one PC Activation) or on the new Steinberg Licensing system.

You can ease this by simply uninstalling everything that doens’t come with Cubase 12 and isn’t on a software eLicenser on that system.

The only reason why I still use a dongle is for WaveLab Pro, but I don’t need that on my laptop so I’m effectively dongle-free.

I do have Absolute 5, but I’ve replaced all of it with Komplete and Arturia Products, and will likely replace HALion with Falcon 2.5 today - just sitting on the decision to see if I grow less interested once the “impulse period” wears down a bit.

The only reason that stuff is still installed (on my Desktop), is becasue it’s a massive… royal PITA to uninstall it cleanly. So, I’m going to uninstall ALL Steinberg products and then reinstall everything from scratch with just stock content once I have the time to waste on it.

It’s likely going to take Steinberg 12-18 more months to get everything moved over. They quoted a 2 year transition period, and they don’t tend to move quickly.

Also, a lot of things are going to require a paid upgrade. They aren’t going to treat you like VSL would. Steinberg prefers to get that money any way they can manage.

Cubase 12 is actually totally free from the use of a Dongle. No doubt about it. However, the content that can be used without the Dongle is only what is found in the target folder of Steinberg Download Assistant.

Therefore, the following VSTs: Groove Agent 5, HALion 6, HALion Sonic, HALionOne and The Grand 3 which are the ones I own, as well as the libraries dependent on them are not accessible with C12 without the Dongle. Also, some Padshop and Retrologue libraries are also not accessible without the Dongle.

I will eventually have to pay for updates making GA5, HAL 6, HS and The Grand usable with C12 without a Dongle. I have no illusions about HALionOne and the associated Synthesizers library. This VST will probably suffer the same fate as Prologue and its libraries. They are still available, but with Dongle and/or with C11.

The question I have is the following: will all the libraries already purchased be available without Dongle and free of charge after having paid for the updates of these VSTs? Currently some Padshop and Retrologue libraries are still not available without a Dongle. Would I have to pay for that too? Am I going to repay for something I already have without being offered compensation simply to have access to all my VSTs and their libraries with C12 (without Dongle)?

I think it would be very expensive to free myself from a USB key containing all my licenses, which work flawlessly. I’m not against changes, but what I would really mind is paying for something I already own.

Currently, to be able to use all my Steinberg products with C12, I still need my Dongle and it may take some time before everything is Dongle Free. What worries me is the price to pay to get rid of it…