"Future proof" Cubase 11 license

I have an eLicenser USB dongle with a Cubase 11 Pro license on it.
I would like to hang on to this license for as long as humanly possible which has me thinking, what can I do in case this dongle one day fails and stops working? If I purchase a second USB dongle today as a backup, are there any means of retrieving the license to even be able to utilize such a backup dongle?



In case of broken USB-eLicenser, you always have to get in contact with Steinberg support and they have to provide a replacement code.

So you are on save side until they will provide this service.

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Let’s hope they will continue to provide this service for years to come. :crossed_fingers:

Over the years, I have accumulated four (!) USB-eLicensers, two of the old type, and two of the new (shorter) type. My main rig is now completely free of USB-eLicensers, but I’ve distributed the “old” licenses across the two newer USB-eLicensers. My thinking, and hope, is that the newer type may last longer because (a) they’re newer and (b) software and hardware support may exist for longer.

So my advice would be to make sure you have the newer, shorter type, and maybe a spare:
… and maybe keep it in a metal box (to protect against the next Carrington Event) :smiling_imp:

We have to assume that at some future point, USB-eLicensers will no longer be available for sale, and eventually the activation servers (necessary for the transfer of licenses between USB-eLicensers) will no longer be maintainable.

Thanks! Everything you said is basically what I’ve been thinking as well. At this point I only have one of the newer models as shown in your picture. (My older, larger model mysteriously “disappeared” many years ago.)
Since they’re still available for purchase new and only about $25, there’s little reason not to pick one up just in case.


Since I fixed mine (and all friends of mine) the USB-eLicensers by a tape (to make sure it will not crack) none of the USB-eLicensers become broken.


I have also my USB dongle permanently attacked to a short 4” USB extension cord to alleviate wear on the connector.

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Hi all am new to the forum
Thanks for listening
I have Cubase 11 Pro on an elicence but as you are all taking about has since broken and will not do it’s maintainer trick through the software thus not letting Cubase 11 work
Have been a user since version 3
I have tried contacting support from Australia but to no avail very frustrating send support notes with no response , why I have to go through an Australian distributor to get service is beyond me
Are Steinberg that silly that I can’t have direct contact because I am not in Europe
Would like to update to 13 but moving forward is a problem unless I open a new account and pay full price for the latest version feeling quite alone on this and helpless with this issue
Please does anyone have any suggestions to contact and talk to someone directly
Thanks for listening

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I sent you a Private Message.