Future request - multiple select menù edito for players

first of all thanks for the recent update!

I have a request for future versions: please allow to select multiple players at the same time and allow to use the same menu settings with the right mouse button.

I have a score with many players and for each one I have to select the player, enter the menu and select “do not show the chord symbols”.

this is because I need to have a customized layout for the conductor, and only he has to see the chord symbols, and the “full score” layout must remain without the chord symbol.

therefore for all layouts the chord symbols must be displayed above the staff of specific players, while in the conductor’s layout they are displayed above the first staff.

thanks for your attention!

You should be able to use the chords layout option on your Conductor score to show chords above the top staff regardless where you put them in other layouts.

Only your “rhythm” instruments should show chord symbols by default otherwise.

For Simply example
.Layout 1 full score WITHOUT chorf symbol
Layout 2 Soprano WITHOUT chord symbol
Layout 3 Alto WITHOUT chord symbol
Layout 4 Tenore WITHOUT chord symbol
Layout 5 Basso WITHOUT chord symbol
Layout 6 Full score WHIT chord symbol

the only way I have found is to select each player, click with the right mouse button and select “do not show chord symbol”

layout options 1-5> show chord symbol above the line of specific players

Layout options 6> show chord symbol on the first staff

It’s a correct way or there Is another way?

Given that the default is to show chord symbols only for rhythm players, none of this should be necessary in an SATB piece.
Where this changes is at the point that you add chord symbols. When you enter a chord symbol, whichever stave is selected will automatically switch to showing chord symbols (on all players, if a rhythm stave isn’t selected), or it’s impossible for Dorico to show a chord symbol where you’re trying to add one.

The efficient way to work is to ensure you always add chord symbols to the same stave, then turn off “Show for all instruments” for that player when you’re done composing/arranging/engraving.

Thank you
Tomorrow i’ll try It in a dorico session