Future request... SUPERLAYER!

Thank you for your answer.

In fact, it is already possible as you described, although I don’t understand what you mean by “So consider “Layer Group Presets” to be just Parts and off you go, no?”

The “problem” is that graphically you cannot immediately understand which and how many layers are generating a sound compared to other layers that generate another.

Example: my synth consists of:

Layer 1: vst instrument x
Layer 2: External expander ch1
Layer 3: External expander ch2
Layer 4: External expander ch3
Layer 5: External Expander 2 ch1
Layer 6: External expander 2 ch2

In total I have 6 layers for one sound.

I would like these 6 layers to be closed in a “folder” that would make me immediately understand that they are different layers, but that they contribute to the same sound.

You understand that in each part I have an average of 6/7 sounds, each of which is made up of 4/8 layers… it’s not easy to understand which layer does what.

If it were possible to assign a keymap to each folder dedicated to a sound, it would be fantastic!

I hope I was clear, and thanks for your support

Yes, that would be a Part. Create it like that, give it a name, drag to the Media Bay “Parts” section, and you have a “folder”.

What do you mean by “keymap”?

and this works great!

my request requires that the layers can be inserted into folders that can function like the Cubase track folders. That is, they can be expanded and show the contents, or they can be closed and show only the folder.

All these layers (and another one off the screen) serve to form the same sound, I would like to insert all these lauers inside a “container” to occupy less space on the screen. Obviously if I need to act on the layers I will have to expand the view, but in the design phase having this possibility would be very useful

Also in this case the highlighted layers contribute to the same sound… and the same request applies…

Consider that I generally have parts made up of 5/6 sounds, each sound is made up of different layers… having the possibility of inserting them into different “folders” would be a very useful tool, as well as making visualization much simpler and more organised.

I assure you that when you spend hours programming sounds and playlists it is extremely useful to understand at a glance which layers are playing what

I meant the keyrange, sorry, I expressed myself badly.

Once the layers are inside a folder it would be great to be able to delimit the keyboard zones that make those layers play, rather than going to each layer and selecting the relevant zones one by one.

I assure you that taking into account so many different projects, each of which with many songs, each with multiple parts and sounds made up of many layers, with two/three keyboards split in multiple points can become really tiring for the eyes and the brain.

My request is only visual, to be able to have a clear idea of ​​what is doing what!
I hope you understand the importance of this request

Thanks again for your attention!

We understand that request, but it would be a major project and also another layer of complexity which we try to avoid. But we’ll keep it on the wishlist.

thank you very much! all my projects have many layers and efficient visual organization is essential for a good workflow… imagine reopening a project after a month with dozens of layers for each part… I swear I struggle to understand anything!

But you will find “presets” (Parts with Layers that fit together) if you give those reasonable names. Add to that colors for inputs and organize view by input, and those groups are easy to spot, no?

thank you for your support

I understand that I am perhaps the only one on this forum to have this need, but I have made VST live the heart of my live performances.
I playing in very different contexts and with many sounds in each project.

I think I’m a maniac for organizing my projects, using names for each layer. I already use the color of the layer based on the midi input, but when you have multiple keyboards split into 3/4 points it doesn’t help. It would help a lot to be able to color the layers freely, perhaps with a palette of at least 16 colors.

or even better, as already requested, being able to insert the layers into foldable folders, like in Cubase

Hi everyone.

I bring this post back to the surface to ask again at least the possibility of having folders that can contain layers.
And I would expand my request with a function that would be fundamental: having the CC11 control, i.e. the “expression” parameter, in this “folder”. this would allow you to control the volume of the layers contained in the folder without changing the volume settings (cc7) of each layer.

I currently have projects with many layers that make up a single sound, and lowering the volume of a sound means changing the volume of 5/6 layers, this repeated for 4/5 parts of each song… really frustrating considering which could be done thanks to a folder…

I hope the team takes this request into consideration!

Hi! Have u noticed new SongGroup (additional to “project group”) feature in mixer view? Can that feature help you?
Or what if routing them to the also new feature: virtual outputs then back to song track via virtual input and leave it monitor-active? :slight_smile:

hello and thanks for your reply.

I haven’t tried the function you mentioned because my (example) “sound 1” is composed of many layers that take advantage of vst instruments and external MIDI modules.

My real need is to have a grouping and instant adjustment of all the layers that make up the sound

Hi! The two new options meight do for you:) at least try them out.

song-, or project groups in Mixer?
Are these global or / song Layers?

no global level

How would it behave with layers that use external midi modules?
and in any case I don’t have to lower the volume of ALL the layers of a part, but only some, specifically

Thanks for your reply, but it’s extremely cumbersome.

I should be able to create as many layers as I need to create ONE sound, “tie them together” somehow and be able to adjust a CC11 to affect all the layers tied together.

Hi! I feel confused.
Route them to a Group or OUT channel and control that group via CC21. Isn’t it what you’re looking for?

this would not affect layers using external misi modules

If you mean MIDI, that is correct. I created an audio input (Stack) for the external MIDI rack and routed that to the Group channel. This does introduce latency though, depending on the blociksize that may be acceptable or not.

I have external multitimbral MIDI modules. Aside from the latency that would come into play with your method, you don’t consider that I want to turn down the volume ONLY of the layers that contribute to a sound.

With the solution you described, the general volume of the external module inputs would be lowered, also influencing other channels that respond to other layers

I’ll give you an example:

Sound A:
Layer 1 - VST Instrument
Layer 2 - VST instrument
Layer 3 - Expander Midi Ch 1
Layer 4 - Expander Midi Ch 2
Layer 5 - Ecpander Midi Ch 3

Sound B:
Layer 1 - VST Instrument
Layer 2 - VST instrument
Layer 3 - Expander Midi Ch 4
Layer 4 - Expander Midi Ch 5
Layer 5 - Ecpander Midi Ch 6


Now I want to lower the volume of “sound A”, so I would first like to GROUP the layers to be clear which layers are “building” the “sound A”, and have the possibility of using the CC11 on this “grouping” so as not to touch the volumes of each layer (which are already mixed and balanced correctly with each other)

When you have so many layers for each sound, and each part is made up of so many sounds you can go crazy…
a “folder track” with “global” controls for the layers inserted in the folder would be a really effective solution!

Hey! I think I have the solution. Just one more question: For “Sound B” do you cerainly use another CC# for “Group-B-volume”, right (otherwise how to decide which “Sound X” to adjust)?

most likely you didn’t understand the meaning of my request.

The CC11 is the General Midi control change that controls the “expression” parameter.

I don’t want to control (at the moment) the volume in real time while I’m playing, I want the layers that make up ONE sound to have the possibility of being grouped (even visually) and that the “folder” that contains them can have assignable Midi controls that affect the layers contained therein.

And I don’t want to change the Volume of the layers (cc7) because this would move the volumes of each layer to the same value, while my layers already each have their own value which must remain independent.

Also… what I wrote about “sound A” and “sound B” is purely as an example. My projects are very, very complicated both in terms of the number of parts for each song and the number of sounds made up of many layers