Future request... SUPERLAYER!

Hi everyone

I have a big request for the developers… The “superlayer”! What is it? Simply a container of layers! Inside the superlayer you can insert many layers, in order to obtain a mega-sound.

What is it for: Many of my sounds are made up of a sum of layers. For example, to make powerful brass I use a combination of sounds added between VST instruments and external physical instruments. The superlayer would allow all those layers that contribute to forming THE SAME SOUND to be enclosed in a sort of folder.

In this way it would be much easier to copy/share that sound between the parts/songs, also because copying/sharing a layer must be done layer by layer from one part to the other.

With the superlayer you can Copy/share that between one song and another… And the best would be to have a dedicated volume for the superlayer, which acts in a relative way in the layers that compose it…

Thank you team!!!

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Hi, i’m using this one, works perfect. BR

hello and thanks for your reply However, apparently, it can only host virtual instruments and plugins. I would like to be able to also drive external hardware instruments

We had considered Layer Groups from the beginning. But we shy back from introducing another object type.
Instead, we will implement dragging Parts into the Layer view (hopefully, for the next version). Then, Layers of the dragged Part are added to the current Part. Holding ctrl will additionally remove existing Layers. That way, you can create Parts as “Superlayers”.

Thank you!!! I’m curious to understand how it will work

Well, my “Superpad” Part has 3 Layers of different pad sounds. The Part is my preset, there is nothing in there but those Layers (for one keyboard), and I drag it into the bay. That is my Superlayer.
Next time I need it in the 2nd verse, where I have set up my other keyboard already, so drag it in the Layers view.
Or, when I want to start with that Superpad to begin with, also hold Ctrl so to remove existing Layers (like the default Layer, if any).

Thank you for your answer!

so tell me if I understood correctly. for each sound composed of multiple layers I create a part that I use as a “superlayer”, then I copy its contents to the parts that interest me, right?

Have you also considered the possibility of creating tool sharing in this process?

Yes, by just dragging it from the bay into the Layers view.

What do you mean by “tool sharing”?

I mean the possibility that the “pasted” layers share the vst instrument rather than copying it, exactly like when I use the “shared layer” function. However,

I believe that for practicality and visual order it would be effective to be able to insert different layers in a folder :slight_smile:

thank you for your support!

If the “Superlayer” Part contains shared Layers, they will be shared too. And it can contain any Layers whatsoever.

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I tried the new feature and it works as it should, even if it’s not “my favorite solution”… thanks for adding it!!

I was wondering if there is the possibility of renaming the parts and layers inserted in the mediabay, to create a sort of library, as well as making everything clearer to recall the interested parts/layers

thank you for your support

…and Stacks, yes, that is planned.

Thank you!
How can I do It?

We said “it is planned”, so you cannot do it yet. of course, you can give the Part, Layer, or Stack a new name before dragging it to the Media Bay.

Will be added with the next version, thanks Micha!

Thank you!!!

I’ve tried the new features and they really are a great time saver!

However, I believe that the idea of ​​having multiple layers whose sum is a single sound in a single folder is a solution that I invite you to take into consideration… when you have projects with many layers for each part, be visually clear that those layers are “together” and others are “together” for another sound would really be much clearer.

I’m making this request again because I will soon have to tackle yet another rather complex project and I will have to manage even more physical keyboards, vst instruments and external midi expanders. The idea of ​​my “superlayer” would allow me fundamental clarity.

And by the way, thanks for the team’s support!!!

I love you!

Good reminder, admittedly, this got a bit covered under the load. Will try to push it up, thanks.

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I won’t have enough “thanks” for this!!!

Just tested it, it already works! (Thanks Micha!)

Created a Part with 2 Layers organ and piano. Call it “Organ and Piano” and drag to Media Bay (Parts).
Create an empty Part, drag “Organ and Piano” Media Bay Part to the Layer (!) view, and it adds those Layers to the new Part.

So consider “Layer Group Presets” to be just Parts and off you go, no?

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