Future Rhythm: 68 minute d&b set made with C6.5

Hi all

I’ve been experimenting recently using C6.5 to create DJ-style mixes. I’m aware that other software is designed more specifically for this purpose but I enjoy using cubase and I wanted to see what kind of results I could get.

Using music I see as innovative and futuristic, I made a set that manipulates and re-edits the original tracks as well as blends them together. It’s an experimental, sci-fi inspired piece that uses styles I’d like to hear more of in the future. I also wanted to create something that would stand alone as a composition rather than purely showcase other people’s music.

I tried to blend the tracks together as subtly as possible and really build them into one another. It features automated panning, effects and re-arrangements of the source audio.

I hope this is of interest to a few people out there. I’d like to hear what you make of it and I welcome any comments.


68 minutes, 320kbps, 172 bpm.

  1. Blu Mar Ten – Blue Skies
  2. Ink & J Dub – Craze D Minor
  3. Triad & Synth Sense – Past Present Future
  4. Atmospherix – Full Force
  5. Blocks – Undercurrents
  6. Linden – Letting Go
  7. Overlook – Mirrors
  8. Autechre – Second Bad Vilbel
  9. Data - Termite
  10. Phace & Noisia – Micro Organism
  11. Phace – Channel Feed
  12. Amoss – We All Grow
  13. Rockwell – My War
  14. Icicle – Time
  15. Ink – Hidden Dreams
  16. Sabre, Noisia & Icicle – Quarters
  17. Noisia & Amon Tobin – Sunhammer
  18. Rockwell – Full Circle
  19. D Bridge – Seven Year Glitch
  20. Scenic & Advisory – Altered States
  21. Blu Mar Ten & Rochelle Parker – Sweet Little Supernova

:bulb: :bulb: :bulb: Beware, that download popped up a virus alert for me! :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

This thread picks up in the cubase 6 forum.

I’ll put the mix up onto Soundcloud so it’s available a different way.