Future Thunderbolt upgrade card

Since the Thunderbolt card is removable on the interface, would it be possible for Steinberg to released an upgrade for the AXR with Thunderbolt 4 or even future Thunderbolt 5 or USB 80Gb/s for example.

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Considering that the bandwidth of TB2 is more than enough and TB4 is downward compatible with it on macOS at least, I honestly don’t see that happening. But you never know. Considering the end-of-life of some of the used converter chips, I would rather expect some Mk2 device at some stage.

Universal was able to release a TB3 upgrade card, so I was wondering if Steinberg/Yamaha could as well. I’d buy it right away. I still have time to return my new AXR4T interface. I’m just trying to figure out if I should just get the Universal interface instead.

The problem is that Intel forced Asus to completely drop Thunderbolt 2 support with the new NVM36 firmware. One day my card will get updated and I’ll lose access to AXR4T .

$200 at Sweet Water. I’m really hoping Steinberg will release one.

I’m not saying they cannot do it, I just don’t think they will.