FW: New proposed articulation symbols

Happy holidays to all. This diagram attached as a JPG to this post is going viral on Facebook; it is credited to a young composer in Bloomington, Indiana, USA named Patricia Wallinga (I do not know her).

In this hand-drawn graphic she proposes “Articulations I Wish I Could Use”. I think you will all find this very amusing and that it will bring you holiday cheer. And who knows? Maybe Daniel Spreadbury and company can get these suggestions to the appropriate international music notation committees – especially Miss Wallinga’s symbol for “I owe you a beer for learning to play this”.
New music notation articulations.jpg

I see now that the MakeMusic / Finale company, in a blog post dated November 4, 2016, has written about Ms. Wallinga’s articulations and has built them into a font that they are giving away. http://www.finalemusic.com/blog/articulations-wish-use/.

Here is the URL to a PDF that Finale produced using their font; it’s a typeset replica of Ms. Wallinga’s hand-drawn diagram.


Sorry if this is old news. I still think it’s brimming with holiday cheer.

Ah, but are they SMuFL compliant?! :laughing:

I’ve written ‘not a typo’ once or twice…

My version of that is “yes, really”.