FX Buss not available on Track Send dropdown

I am on a Mac running Monterey 12.7.5. I created an FX buss named “Vin Vla” with an Insert of my Spaces 2 reverb unit. No problem. The “Vin Vla” appears as expected in the Mix Console. But when I attempt to add a Send to a track, the Send dropdown does not include my “Vln Vla” Buss.


This is a MIDI Track.

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Yes, the “18 Violins” is a midi track. If I am doing it wrong, what is the correct way to send to an FX buss from a midi track? I have spend years using Logic Pro, and this doesn’t make sense to me.

A MIDI Track outputs MIDI data. You can’t send MIDI data to an audio bus. Instead, route the Instrument Track, that outputs audio, to the FX channel.

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Okay, got it. Yeah, that works. Just trying to make the adjustment of switching from Logic to Cubase. Some things are a lot different.

Thanks so much for your help!

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