FX Channel for reverb, no "return" signal??

So I’ve been reading the manual :smiley: , and from what I can gather Steinberg considers FX Channels AUX tracks. But they also say you can use Group Channels, but I’ll just assume the FX channels are fine.

I load up an FX Channel, slap a reverb on it (Altiverb), set it’s output to the Stereo Mix bus so the final stereo mix is wet. The problem is, I have audio stems (Internal summing) that aren’t getting any “return” signal from the FX channel, so the stems are all dry.

I can only seem to send the output of the FX channel to one place, what should I be doing here?

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You need to send the tracks you want with reverb to the FX Channel. This can be done in the Inspector or the Mixer.

Yes that’s the part I know thanks :smiley:

The problem is i need the return signal to come back to the audio track, then on to the stereo mix so I have stems of my music and also a stereo track.

Have you thought about making a subgroup and sending from the FX channel to that sub, then to the main mix (or stems)?

So you want to send a signal to an FX Channel and then back to the channel that you originally sent to the FX Channel? I guess you would need to record the audio from the FX Channel. If you have several tracks being sent to the FX Channel, make sure the other tracks are muted so you don’t end up recording the reverb of the other tracks.

I’m sorry steinberg… I love the way Cubase looks and feels, but sadly just not as straight-forward as something like digital performer and pro tools. I love you, but we can’t be together :frowning:

I’m goin’ back to DP. I’m seriously bummed.

Well how would you go about it in Pro Tools or Digital Performer? As far as I know, a send effect is supposed to be separate from the original source track. Otherwise it is an insert effect. But I’m still curious. How do the other DAWs differ from Cubase in this scenario?

Don’t quite understand the problem?

If you’re wanting to “print” the stems with FX then surely soloing the correct channels will achieve that?

What are you trying to achieve?
I work with FX Channels and Groups all the time and have no problems.

FX channels are sent to the main bus automatically (or you wouldn’t hear any FX…).

So here’s the way it work in DP:

Midi track > Instrument track > audio stem > stereo mix

I set up and AUX track, with a reverb on it. I set its input to something like FX_BUS_1, and its output to the stereo_mix bus. On each audio stem, I create a “send” to FX_BUS_1, and dial in the wetness. The stems print wet with reverb, and so does the final Stereo mix track.

I just want to use one reverb, rather than like 60-70 as inserts!! :stuck_out_tongue: lol

yes i want to print the stems with FX - when you say soloing the correct channels, could you describe that?

Hope I’m reading you right.
In Cubase if I wanted to do that:
I’d have A: reverb on the track itself or B: Reverb on the SEND.

Export the Stereo mix track. That done.

Then just select the track or highlight a portion of track and Export that. The FX would still be on there.

@mooquu - liking your music. Keep sticking with Cubase, you won’t regret it.

@John Purser
Thanks thats very kind of you sir :smiley:

Well the whole point of this template I’m setting up, is that I want to be able to record ALL the stems + the stereo mix at once, I do this in DP.

Ok guys, I’m just going to describe what I want, and maybe one of you can detail exactly how I would do that:

I want to hit record, have the audio stems record with their own reverb burnt into each one, PLUS a stereo track also with reverb burnt in. I only want to use ONE reverb instance, like on an AUX track (fx channel maybe?)

The point is so that I can deliver all of the stems and stuff to directors and developers and they can mix in 5.1 surround or bring the violins down if its in the way of the dialogue or WHATEVER lol, hope this is more clear.

Have you read the manual chapter on “Export”?
I thnk you’re misunderstanding a function here that might be simpler than you think it will be.
Export is the way to organise stems.

“Simpler” can also be a misnomer with Cubase as the amount of things you have to trawl thru to get to the “simple” answer can take time. It would be very easy to get what you’re trying to do from the wrong end initially.
Cubase: Record—add FX ------ mix to the Master Bus -------- 1: SAve. or 2: Export (where there are options for saving a Stereo master or stems).
To oversimplify the recording process.

So you have n number of dry stems, you want to end up with the same n number of stems only with individual reverb mixed in, as well as a stereo mix containing all stems and reverb?

There is unfortunately no such automated “virtual insert” functionality in Cubase that I’m aware of, either you load a reverb as an instert on every track or you’ll have to do a manual mixdown of each stem one by one by soloing one track at a time + the fx track.
The concept of an fx track in Cubase is based on that all audio sent to that track is summed before entering the insert chain.
Maybe this could be a future feature if enough people request it.


You can use a group channel for a send FX , and then you can route that output to the group you are using as a stem.

It sounds like it works exactly the same in Cubase.

MIDI Track > VST Instrument > Group Channel > Stereo Mix

Then create an FX Channel, insert a Reverb, set the wetness to 100% and then create a send to the FX Channel on each Group Channel.


I created a group channel, dropped a reverb in as an insert. Then under the sends tab i set it to send out to each of my stems. I can now send to the group channel from THE VST INSTRUMENT’S MULTIPLE OUTPUTS.

So now I can record stems via internal summing, with reverb printed to both stems and the stereo mix.

BUT! There is a new problem.

I’m using one group channel, and sending out to each stem. THE PROBLEM is that now each stem has bits of the other tracks in it. I guess each “send” in the group channel is not independent… it sends the same signal to each stem, mixing and crossing signals.


The FX is of course common for all signals sent on that buss, because there is only one FX.

You will need to set up more FX/Group channels to have the reverbs(FX) independent.

Or as I said earlier, use mutes and export one at a time.