FX Channel mixing

Hi all,

I’m currently working my way through a great course on Groove3 on C8 (“Cubase Pro 8 Explained”) and I’ve come across a small conundrum regarding mixing with an FX channel.

Here is the scenario:

  • I have an Audio track Routed to a Stereo Out bus

  • From that same Audio track, I have a Send to an FX track which routs to the same Stereo Out bus

In this scenario I can fade the signal from the Audio track send and also fade the FX track to effectively change my dry/wet mix. However, it appears to me that in this scenario, my FX track can only ever be a maximum of 50% of the total signal.

So here is my question: is it possible to attenuate the signal from the Audio track to my Stereo Out bus independently of the Audio Send to the FX track? Ie. how can I raise the FX signal above 50% of the mix?

Obviously I could rout the Audio track directly to the FX track and use the wet/dry mix on my FX Insert but that still doesn’t answer my question.

Please feel free to tell me that I’m as thick as two bricks! :smiley:

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There are two options, how to route the signal from the Audio track to the FX Channel. You can use Pre- or Post-Fader. This will affect the behaviour. If you send it Pre-Fader, the Fader of the Audio track doesn’t affect the Send. Of course, the Send level will affect it, same as the fader of the Send Channel.

If you use Post-Fader, the Audio Track fader affects the income signal to the FX Channel.

Hi Martin,

in the cool light of morning, my question was rather a simple one! Thank you for patiently putting me back on track, as it were. Much appreciated.

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