fx channel reverb - routing

I want to set up an fx channel for reverb. Do I have to route the fx channel itself to Stereo out?(see image) or is it enough just to send the audio channel to the fx channel (this will already give reverb)

  • An FX channel receives a signal from a source.
  • A “send” sends a signal TO a destination.
  • If you create an FX channel you can send to the channel from an audio track.

In your screenshot it looks like we’re looking at an FX channel with “REVerence” on an insert, and it also seems that you are already sending to that channel from “Audio 02”. You can see that at the top middle part where you have “FX 1-REVerence” in red: You have the input to it to the left where it says “Audio 02”.

In order to hear the reverb that you have on an insert the channel that the insert is on has to go to the correct output. In your screenshot to the right of the red part it says “-> Stereo Out”, and that indicates that it is already by default sending the output of the FX channel to the “Stereo Out”.

That’s why you hear the reverb. So, ‘yes’, the fx channel itself has to be routed to the “stereo out” output, but it has already been done in your case.

PS: To the right in that screenshot you have a section where it says “Sends”, and in that list it says “Stereo Out”. Right now it seems to be turned off. Read the first part in this post again and think about it: IF you activate this send, then you will send to the “Stereo Out” using that send path… and that will be in addition to the regular routing you see at the top of that window and you will get the same signal going to the same output twice. So you would normally NOT use a send like this.

Thank you for explaining!