FX channels and Sends

if I send VST’s instrument (lets say Gplayer) to a FX channel (which has a reverb loaded) I get back two signals - the actual instrument (dry) on the VST channel and the wet signal on the FX signal.

Is there any way of ONLY getting back the wet signal. If I turn down the instruments volume then nothing goes to the FX send channel.

Or perhaps I’m very wrong about this…

perhaps the routing is that even though on my meters it looks like there are two signals being heard, truly there is only 1.

If someone could help me with some of these fundamentals, I would appreciate it.

I’ve been reading through the manual and it’s ambiguous. Probably because mixing is an art of it’s own and far more complex then what a basic manual is willing to delineate.

I did find that if I select the VST instrument channel send and click the “PRE FADER” button, this will force the signal to go to the FX channel first. Now I can turn down the VST’s volume (dry) and only hear the FX signal. This is exactly what I was trying to achieve.

Now is there a place where we can see how the routing works on the mixing system of Cubase?

I don’t care about the version. I imagine they’re all similar from SE to 7.

That’s one option. Another is to INSERT the FX (reverb) on your instrument’s channel instead of using separate FX channel.

It works basically like in a traditional mixing console. And at least C4’s manual has extreamly clear block diagrams on Cubase’s audio flow.